"I Pledge To Continue To Fight For Our Fair Share Of State Resources" 

I love Kansas City! I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. Although I have lived in other parts of the country, I've always come home. I have served my city in many different ways over the last 30 years, as a student leader, a neighborhood activists, a voter register, a poll worker, and campaign organizer. All those experiences leading to becoming an elected official. 

From the beginning I wanted to prove a point that any body who is determined and works hard can achieve their dreams and make a difference in the lives of real people! The Kansas City area has been in a battle for its fair share of state resources for many years, but it is only when we come together as a delegation that Missouri stands and listens. I believe that no other city has the creativity, the innovation, the natural talent to take advantage of the New Economies of Science. From High Speed Rail, to Renewable Energy, to Agro-Business, to Bio Sciences, to Healthcare, to the Arts and Entertainment, Kansas City is a national leader! And "Why Not?" Why shouldn't we lead the Nation? We have everything we need. 

I believe in the people of Missouri. I believe the best days are ahead of us. I will continue to work hard to present this vision to our citizens, who are the greatest in the nation. I will work hard to create opportunities for success for our young people. I will use all my talent to create legislation that supports our Seniors Citizens, our Veterans, our Families and our Young People. And I will never stop helping to push our Community toward prosperity in safe, vibrant neighborhoods. I pledge to fight for Health Care, Job Creation, Education, Reducing Crime, Transportation and Prosperity For All! 


Michael R. Brown, Candidate Missouri Sate Senate